Out of the Box Festival 2016 – Review


With much anticipation and excitement we headed to the OUT OF THE BOX festival at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) in Brisbane. This was the first time we would be attending the festival, which has been held  since 1992, it is 8 days of performances, workshops free activities and ticketed events that are designed to enhance learning and discovery.


First on our agenda was Touch & Go – a dancing game of cause and effect, carefully created for this curious and hands-on age group. Touch & Go is dedicated to the mighty two year old, inviting them to enter a special world with two friendly dancers, shapes, pathways and live music. Interspersed with playful enticements to become part of the performance, children are free to take part or observe, venture out or stay close, Miss P being the dancing queen loved every minute of the experience and got in the swing of things from the very start.


After a quick lunch it was then off to Tai Chi – which was a big hit with Piper. Through play, children exercise their motor coordination and learn about interaction with others. Tai Chi makes great use of the children’s imagination and the workshop takes cues from classic stories from Chinese folklore and cultural history.


Back again the next day we made our way to the cultural forecourt for some baby yoga – An interactive parent-baby workshop experience, we learnt some unique yoga sequences designed to improve baby’s development, using movement and songs to enhance learning. Piper loved this and it was fantastic to see how quickly she picked it up and it was all we heard about on the way home.



We finished the day checking out all the free activities that were available and by afternoon I was taking home lots of craft and one very happy toddler who slept well all the way home.



As I said, this was our first OUT OF THE BOX festival but now that we’ve attended and participated in this one, we’ll certainly be looking forward to and planning for next year. Just so much to do and see make sure you visit you wont be disappointed.


A very big Thank You to the organizers at QPAC for a couple of fab days out.


Love Kerry and Miss Piper xoxo