Holla! Josh Turns 10 – Celebrate With A Mexican Fiesta

josh bday 2

On Saturday we celebrated Joshua turning double digits! Officially a tweenager, The BIG 10 years old.

The day was all about family, food and fun in the back yard and lots and lots of colour!

A fiesta theme is as easy as it gets, you can’t go wrong. Just think ‘Bright’

I picked up lots of bits and pieces every time I shopped and the night before just grouped them all together.

I always use my themeing and decorations on a couple of smaller areas as you get a lot more impact from grouping it all together rather than it spread all over the place.

I couldn’t have done it with the help of some terrific shops you can see some of them below.


josh bday1
WaterMelon Tee: www.alfaberry.com.au Cacti : www.isgifts.com


josh bday 3
Themed Cookies: www.facebook.com/lizcookiejar


josh bday4
Take Home Fairy Floss Gifts – www.foodbyus.com.au-crunch/direct || Personalised Drink bottle labels and Chocolates – www.printandparty.com.au


josh bday 9
Personalised Drink Chocolates – www.printandparty.com.au
josh bday5
Themed Cookies: www.facebook.com/lizcookiejar


josh bday 6

josh bday 7 josh bday 8

josh bday10 josh bday11

josh bday12

This was such a fun party to organise and host if you have any questions just drop us a line as we would love to chat.

Love Kerry and Miss Piper xoxo