Melbourne Zoo – We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. How about you, you, you?”

Come on, who doesn’t love the zoo!

It’s fantastic for kids of all ages.


Even as an adult, I LOVE visiting the Melbourne Zoo there’s a great diversity of animals on display and plenty of interesting things to see and do.

Even though we don’t live in Melbourne, we have been quite often, and try to fit in a trip when we visit a couple of times a year, as it never gets boring!

At the zoo you can move around and tire out the little ones, there is a playground and lots of spaces to sit and rest, food, coffee and lots of different animals to see.

We usually spend about 4 -5 hours there, its not a place you want to rush, we take our time and have a picnic lunch under a big shady tree around midday. A packed picnic lunch and snacks really helps minimises the cost of the day, food is expensive and isn’t of the best tasting I’ve tired in places like this, so I highly recommend bringing your own.

We find the location easy to get to, we normally drive to the zoo and parking has never been an issue but I’m told that it can be a nightmare if going on the weekend. We have caught the train also a few times which drops you right out the front of the entrance and makes for a fun and easy travel solution with kids.

Make sure you find out the show times upon entry so you can catch the shows on throughout the day, they teach you more about the particular animals, the ‘Meet The Keeper’ has a lot of information and may even allow you to pat an animal they have been talking about.

The thing I like most, beside the animals of course is that most of the zoo is shaded by trees, so even on a hot day you can enjoy the visit you don’t feel like you are in a concrete jungle.

It does get busy and can be very tiring for little ones so if they are walking its a good idea to pack the pram and lots of water, each time we have gone it has taken us around 4 plus hours just to walk around the zoo, that’s a lot of steps for little legs.

Price as of October 2017

Children 3 years and under receive FREE entry every day

Children 4 – 15 years FREE weekends and Victoria school holidays but Mon – Fri (outside holidays)  $18.00

Concession $27 and Seniors $32.50

Yearly Zoo Membership is available for Melbourne zoo, Werribee zoo and Healsville and locals tell me it’s definitely worth the money for an adult pass as children are free with that ticket and it gives you unlimited entry to 3 zoos, kids register for FREE and access to VIP members only events.

I love the zoo and will be going back again on our next visit as its always a highlight of our Melbourne trip.

For more information visit the official zoo website Click Here

Let The Adventure Begin – Artventure ONLINE ART CLASSES FOR YOUNG ARTISTS

Looking for the perfect Christmas Gift that’s not plastic junk that you are going to throw out in a month!
How about something that will create a skill that will last forever.
If you’ve got a budding artist at home like me, art classes are a fantastic way to engage and encourage their love and learning of the arts – Draw, paint, create!
Imagine having art lessons from a professional artist right in your own home. Well now you can, presented by artist Kirsty Shadiac, Artventure is full of step-by-step video art lessons for kids! Essential for any child looking to build their drawing skills and creative confidence.
There are over 240 videos on Artventure: art lessons (step-by-step) and extras which include tips (using various art materials). You can search and sort in whatever way you’d like: difficulty, year level, curriculum subject, or latest release. From people, animals, dragons, pirates, trucks and boats … It’s all there and more!
Artventure is a website full of entertaining, easy to follow video lessons, each linked to the Australian National Curriculum. Artventure videos are designed as a resource for primary school teachers to use in classrooms but it’s also a brilliant way for kids at home to use technology in a positive way. Each Artventure video contains a demonstration by Kirsty and allows kids follow step-by-step through using the pause points that make it easy for junior artists to create some amazing artworks all by themselves!

Not only does Artventure unlock kids creativity, it also teaches them to become independent artists and it can boost confidence in all areas of learning. Kirsty gives kids tips on essential art skills such as using different materials and encourages their independence with tips such as how to handle making mistakes. “Kids learn from being motivated and inspired. By showing kids what’s possible and demonstrating the steps to complete an artwork, kids (and their parents!) are blown away by what they’re capable of Artventure really develops kids confidence which shines through in all areas of learning.” Kirsty said.


Artventure unlock kids creativity online


Try a few sample lessons

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The WAHM Juggle – Guest Blog



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Meet Bel from My Little I Designs Mum of Isla and #girlboss




Bel Meginley || My Little I Designs

Instagram @mylittleidesigns

To View My Little I Designs new collection click here: S/S16

 candyland2 candylane3 candylane4  candylane7


The WAHM Juggle

Bel Meginley || My Little I Designs

candylane1 candylane6


Being a mum is a BUSY job! I remember when Isla was born I thought

to myself “oh I can’t wait until she’s a bit bigger and it won’t be so

constant”. Well she’s 3 now and the intensity hasn’t changed – just

the things that we do. I can’t imagine what happens when you add

extra kiddies to that (I’ll leave that to someone else, thank you!).

Add into that a small handmade business and it gets tricky. I am the

owner of handmade girls clothing label My Little I Designs and

everything is done by me – sewing, mail runs, social media, emails,

the whole lot.

I am lucky to be in the position that we haven’t had to send Isla to

daycare – she’ll start pre-prep next year – and while I’m so thankful

for the precious time I have in these formative years with her, it can

sometimes mean I struggle to keep everything up in the air at once.

Having said that, my daughter is always my first priority. So if she

needs me I will drop everything and focus on her needs.

I want to share my top 5 tips to help small home-based mummy

businesses balance their family and work time. That’s not to say I get

it right all the time – I, like everyone make mistakes, but this should

help as a rough guide.


o Have good business practises –because you’re a

new/small business doesn’t mean you have to behave

like one. Use a business planner, a notebook, whatever

system works for you to keep track of orders, payments,

expenses, tracking numbers etc.


o Set realistic timeframes for yourself – don’t say you’ll

have something finished in 2 days if you won’t. Have a

buffer for when things go awry too. I find the day you

NEED to get to the post office is often the day your child

gets sick and you can’t leave the house.


o Following on from the last one, understand that life will

invariably get in the way sometimes and learn to accept

it. Sometimes your kids just want to spend the day with

you, so DO IT. They are the reason you do are working

from home, and whilst its easy to put on a Disney movie

and try to work, I find I’m far less productive anyway.

Often we go to the park on the way home from the post

office, its become a special treat to go to the post office

now too.


o Use a scheduler for posts to social media. I like Hootsuite

( because I can post to Facebook &

Instagram from the one website. I grab a cup of coffee

and schedule posts for days in advance – then they’re all

done and out of the way to focus on what you do best!

Social media is such an important part of home-based

businesses and it is easy for it to become all-consuming.

Using a scheduler is much easier in my experience.


o Take time to look after yourself – I find I can’t sew during

the day now that Isla doesn’t have a day sleep anymore,

which means a lot of late nights. Just under a year ago I

was up till past midnight every night sewing and I caught

a cold. I thought it was nothing and just ignored it. Turns

out it was early stages of pneumonia and I ended up

cracking ribs from the coughing and meant sitting over a

sewing was excruciating. So my advice; don’t work

yourself into the ground! You owe it to yourself and your

family to look after yourself.

I hope you find these helpful to balance being a mum and running a

business too!

Bel xx

little i designs





The Photo’s above are the new S/S16 Collection called CandyLane from My Little I Designs

Photography by the lovely Sarah @my.heart.project 

Beautiful Models The stunning Miss Harlow @harlow_ever_after and the cutie Miss Avalon @avalon.renegade and Miss PiperSienna



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Introducing – Beautiful Button handmade Children’s Fashion

beautiful button 2
Today we are excited to introduce you to the very talented Rachel from Beautiful button as she shares her very honest journey into the kids fashion business. It’s such a pleasure to get to know and work alongside such talented and passionate women. Grab a cuppa and enjoy the read.
Welcome Rachael,
Starting anything new is hard. Whether it be something small such as the little choices we make on a daily basis. Or conversely, a decision that could ultimately change the course of your life. Anything new is hard.
beautiful button 4
Almost a year ago I made a decision that has changed my life. I didn’t set out with an end goal, it just naturally progressed and although my life is a little more chaotic now, I wouldn’t change it at all.
I am a mum of two, a wife and a high school teacher. Anybody would think that, that would be enough for one person. But I have had it in my heart for quite a few years now that I thought I was capable of more. Capable of seeing myself in a different role but I just didn’t know what. As a natural progression of finding out what I love, which are my family and being creative, my small online business for children’s clothing and accessories, Beautiful Button, was born.
beautiful button 1
I am on a journey as I’ve never run a small business before and I have had no training. I have made a lot of mistakes but I have also learnt so much along the way; about my business and about myself. So I thought I’d share a few thoughts on what I’ve learnt when trying something new and things I had to constantly remind myself of along the way.
‘Suck it up princess’
Be open to criticism and advice.
When I first started the business, I could see that what I was doing was not working. So, I chose 5 other business’ that I respected and emailed them and said something along the lines of ‘I love what you do, I’m new at this, do you have any suggestions for how I can improve?’ What I got back was interesting. For the most part it was helpful advice. There was one however that was really blunt. Initially I was angry and hurt. But eventually I saw the criticism for what it was; a stepping stone to getting better. Anybody can ask for help, but it takes a bigger person to take the suggestions, not as criticism but as advice.
 ‘Why is not an annoying question’ Learn from others.
For me, as I’d never run a small business, let alone used social media as a platform I needed to watch and learn from others around me in order to learn what to do and what not to do. Simple things like how to take a good picture, what my Insta feed should look like, getting my name out there by commenting and liking other business’ and mums images, when to post, what to post and how often to post are all things I’ve learnt from others. You are not alone and the support and guidance from others, particularly those who have gone before you, is vital to getting through any new season.
‘Selective hearing can be a good thing’
Know who to listen to.
 Today in the world of faceless, instant, online media, it seems everyone has an opinion. But the question is who do we listen to. In the beginning it seems everyone is open to giving their two cents. But the trick is knowing which sense to take. Take advice but don’t do anything that is going to hurt you, your brand, your clients or your network contacts. Don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing or saying. You are your own person and you can make your own decisions.
beautiful button 3
‘Keep the important things; important’
Why are you doing what you do?
For me, starting a business was primarily to keep me at home with my kids for longer. Additionally it was a creative outlet and also obviously to make some more income. Over time as I got busier it seemed that I was spending less time with my kids, the creativity was becoming a chore rather than a pleasure but, I was making more money. It has only been recently that I have stepped back and started to look at ‘why’ I’m doing this. You can so easily get caught up in the momentum of life that you forget to reflect on what is important. ‘Why’ do you do what you do.
‘People matter’
Remember the people who got you there.
Your family, your friends, your network contacts, your customers. These are the people who love and support you. Make sure your time goes into thanking and loving them for who they are and who they have made you.
These are just a few thoughts on my journey. As I said, starting anything new is hard. Take the step to see yourself, your life with more. Constantly challenge yourself. New is hard, but it is the hard things in life that shape and define us into who we are.
Thank You Rachael, such inspiring words thankyou so much for sharing with our readers.
Love Kerry and Miss Piper xoxo

Top Turn offs when choosing a Brand Ambassador


I get daily questions from Mum’s and Dad’s starting out and wanting to build their account and become Brand Ambassadors for companies, plus I  speak to alot of the companies I work with each week who ask me for ideas on what accounts to look at and what they should be looking for when choosing a Brand Ambassador to represent them.

So…… it got me thinking that in the past I have written about ‘What to do to make your account look good’ so now is the time to point out a few turn offs that put prospective companies off choosing you!

And since I couldn’t do it on my own I turned to a few of my favourite shop owners and asked them all for the things that turns them off the most!

…….and came up with the Top Five Turn Offs.


1. Don’t bag out other businesses – if you are annoyed or offended by something you have seen or heard keep it to yourself don’t air it publicly! Send a message to one of your friends and have a whinge but keep to off your page.

2. Don’t fill your page with competition entries or Brand Rep entries – the odd one is fine but it’s a turn off if people can’t see your gallery, choose the brands that you really feel suit your style and stick to them.

3. Don’t Send messages to random people and groups asking them to follow you or for Shoutouts, this just annoys people and won’t build genuine followers, you don’t want people who have felt forced into following you.

4. Blurry unclear photos – Big turnoff, if you are looking to represent a company and little Miss or Mr is going through a stage of running out of every photo then stop and wait awhile and come back to it when things improve.

5. Don’t keep changing your user name and making new accounts – find something you like, stick to it and make it work for you, as changing all the time only becomes confusing for your followers.

And as a bonus I was asked to throw this one in, if you are lucky enough to be chosen to represent a brand then remember these two points:

  • Don’t ask for Freebies for your mates – if you are representing a company anything you receive is for you and you alone, you should be encouraging family and friends to purchase from the store not trying to score freebies for them.


  • You don’t get to choose what you get! – Don’t ask for what you want sent to you (unless of course you are asked to choose) The shop needs to send the product they need marketed be thankful for what you get and do the best job you possibly can with it.

I would love it if you could add your two cents worth below and add your comment on “what turns you off”


Love Kerry and Miss Piper xoxo