Let The Adventure Begin – Artventure ONLINE ART CLASSES FOR YOUNG ARTISTS

Looking for the perfect Christmas Gift that’s not plastic junk that you are going to throw out in a month!
How about something that will create a skill that will last forever.
If you’ve got a budding artist at home like me, art classes are a fantastic way to engage and encourage their love and learning of the arts – Draw, paint, create!
Imagine having art lessons from a professional artist right in your own home. Well now you can, presented by artist Kirsty Shadiac, Artventure is full of step-by-step video art lessons for kids! Essential for any child looking to build their drawing skills and creative confidence.
There are over 240 videos on Artventure: art lessons (step-by-step) and extras which include tips (using various art materials). You can search and sort in whatever way you’d like: difficulty, year level, curriculum subject, or latest release. From people, animals, dragons, pirates, trucks and boats … It’s all there and more!
Artventure is a website full of entertaining, easy to follow video lessons, each linked to the Australian National Curriculum. Artventure videos are designed as a resource for primary school teachers to use in classrooms but it’s also a brilliant way for kids at home to use technology in a positive way. Each Artventure video contains a demonstration by Kirsty and allows kids follow step-by-step through using the pause points that make it easy for junior artists to create some amazing artworks all by themselves!

Not only does Artventure unlock kids creativity, it also teaches them to become independent artists and it can boost confidence in all areas of learning. Kirsty gives kids tips on essential art skills such as using different materials and encourages their independence with tips such as how to handle making mistakes. “Kids learn from being motivated and inspired. By showing kids what’s possible and demonstrating the steps to complete an artwork, kids (and their parents!) are blown away by what they’re capable of Artventure really develops kids confidence which shines through in all areas of learning.” Kirsty said.


Artventure unlock kids creativity online


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