Top Turn offs when choosing a Brand Ambassador


I get daily questions from Mum’s and Dad’s starting out and wanting to build their account and become Brand Ambassadors for companies, plus I  speak to alot of the companies I work with each week who ask me for ideas on what accounts to look at and what they should be looking for when choosing a Brand Ambassador to represent them.

So…… it got me thinking that in the past I have written about ‘What to do to make your account look good’ so now is the time to point out a few turn offs that put prospective companies off choosing you!

And since I couldn’t do it on my own I turned to a few of my favourite shop owners and asked them all for the things that turns them off the most!

…….and came up with the Top Five Turn Offs.


1. Don’t bag out other businesses – if you are annoyed or offended by something you have seen or heard keep it to yourself don’t air it publicly! Send a message to one of your friends and have a whinge but keep to off your page.

2. Don’t fill your page with competition entries or Brand Rep entries – the odd one is fine but it’s a turn off if people can’t see your gallery, choose the brands that you really feel suit your style and stick to them.

3. Don’t Send messages to random people and groups asking them to follow you or for Shoutouts, this just annoys people and won’t build genuine followers, you don’t want people who have felt forced into following you.

4. Blurry unclear photos – Big turnoff, if you are looking to represent a company and little Miss or Mr is going through a stage of running out of every photo then stop and wait awhile and come back to it when things improve.

5. Don’t keep changing your user name and making new accounts – find something you like, stick to it and make it work for you, as changing all the time only becomes confusing for your followers.

And as a bonus I was asked to throw this one in, if you are lucky enough to be chosen to represent a brand then remember these two points:

  • Don’t ask for Freebies for your mates – if you are representing a company anything you receive is for you and you alone, you should be encouraging family and friends to purchase from the store not trying to score freebies for them.


  • You don’t get to choose what you get! – Don’t ask for what you want sent to you (unless of course you are asked to choose) The shop needs to send the product they need marketed be thankful for what you get and do the best job you possibly can with it.

I would love it if you could add your two cents worth below and add your comment on “what turns you off”


Love Kerry and Miss Piper xoxo

2 thoughts on “Top Turn offs when choosing a Brand Ambassador

  1. Advice like this is priceless for me. At first, my blog was just about sharing my stories. As time goes on, I get more and more recognition and it’s overwhelming. I’m actually helping people. If my site is going to grow in a positive and effective way, advice like this is exactly what I need if I choose to review and recommend. Thank you, from the mother of two pretty little scallywags!

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