Product of the Month ‘Fred’ Dinner Winner – Children’s Dinner Tray

Making Meal Times Fun with ‘Fred’ Dinner Winner Plate, Fun plates for kids means no more fusses at mealtime!


The Dinner Winner Plate will add a little bit of spark and fun back to meal times. It’s simple and provides your child with healthy options that are in smaller portions which makes eating meals a lot more achievable. Once finished, there will be a wonderful treat for your little ones, making even the fussiest eaters want to get to the finish line.

Piper just loves this plate and has been using it every night since we got it, its been perfect in helping her to try new foods. She is very good at not peeking to see what her surprise is! Its such a great way to present food and a simple but effective way to encourage children to eat small, manageable portions of food and perfect for even the pickiest of eaters.


Plus perfect for younger children with the addition of a seal to stick it down to the table for the plate throwers out there.

Kids and parents alike love the fun element that this plate brings to the table and how easily it makes mealtimes fun and fuss-free!


Healthy Eating Options

Also note that you don’t have to use chocolate for the treat at the end of the finish line, other items you could use are: raisins, muffin, apple slices with peanut butter, yogurt, stickers it comes down to what will motivate and work for your family. It’s’ also important to remember that each square on the plate doesn’t need to be filled with a 8 different food options, again keep it simple and bring happiness back to your family meal times.

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Additional Details:

  • Dinner Winner is molded from 100% virgin melamine, food-safe and dishwasher-safe.
  • Packaged in a full-color giftbox



Thoughts on the certified organic baby range, Divine Baby by The Divine Company

Like all mum’s and mum’s to be I only want the best possible health for my baby.

So I often find myself standing in the middle of a shop reading the back of baby shampoo, bath wash, food labels and more… Then find myself even more confused reading numbers to only find out that it’s filled with chemicals and other nasties, so when the offer came to try Divine Baby the amazing certified organic baby collection by The Divine Company, I was extremely excited and jumped at the chance.


 The Divine baby pamper collection is a beautiful set of Certified Organic personal care items including:

– Calming Baby Bath Wash 250ml

– Calming Baby Shampoo  250ml

– Soothing Baby Moisturiser 200ml

– Soothing Baby Balm 50ml

– Baby Bliss Massage Oil 100ml


So here’s what the marketing says:

The Divine Baby collection is 100% Australian made and owned, contains only premium quality certified organic, nutrient and antioxidant rich ingredients and is Vegan, gluten free and does not test on animals! Their collection is completely free from any nasties such as synthetic chemicals, endocrine disrupting, neuro and immune toxic ingredients.

All fantastic points!

But what I didn’t know was that unlike a lot of baby cosmetic companies on the market The Divine Baby collection is “Certified Organic” which means it uses the highest quality certified organic and natural ingredients to provide us with a beautiful, safe range of products we can use in our home every day and this makes a BIG difference!

There exists a common misconception in relation to the use of the word ‘Organic’ currently in Australia and mostly across the world there is little regulation surrounding the use of the word ‘Organic’ yet the mere use of the word implies “natural” “safe” “pure” and “pesticide and chemical-free.” Companies can, and do mislead customers, the everyday Organic products commonly found on the supermarket shelves are far from organic, natural, safe pure and pesticide and chemical-free.

Did you know that you can absorb MORE toxins from personal, skin and hair care products than from Food?

I don’t want to scare you too much but its defiantly worth reading and educating ourselves more about what we are using and feeding our bodies and families.

My personal opinion is that we have thoroughly enjoyed using each and every product, I have loved learning more about the ingredients used in the products and I’m very glad I found them, as I am no health expert but I am now more aware how important it is to know what effect something you are using can have on your body. I’m so happy to be able to use a product on Miss Piper that I don’t need to worry about, its one less thing us mum’s need to worry about.

If you would love the chance to try these gorgeous products for yourself make sure you are following us on our Instagram @pipersienna as we will be giving one lucky follower the chance to own a Divine Baby Pamper Pack of their very own.

This wonderful pack already comes gift wrapped and packaged so it is perfect for a baby shower,  present or just a little something for bub.

divine 2

If you have any questions about what we liked about the baby range or any questions regarding anything then please don’t hesitate to ask!

Divine Baby Available here

Love Kerry and Miss Piper xoxo


Summer calls for – SAMMIMIS Turkish Towels

Summer has hit already and I bet the kids are already begging you to take them to the beach!

If only it was that easy! Right?

Because going to the beach doesn’t just mean grabbing the kids and going, it also means packing sand toys, beach balls, big bulky towels and if the kids get their way the pet dog as well! So as much as you would love to plan that day trip to the beach, sometimes it can be all too much (trust me I know I’ve been there!)

So that is why I am sharing the ‘golden product’ I discovered on my last family beach holiday that made the day just that little bit easier.


SAMMIMIS Turkish Towels.

The most authentic and finest quality Turkish towels on the market, they are the only towel company in Australia with a physical store which means you can pop on in meet the friendly staff and touch and feel them for yourself plus you still have the option to shop their designs online.



Not only are SAMMIMIS towels 100% Turkish cotton and absolutely beautiful in design, they are also the only Turkish towel company on the market with different weaves and weights for different situations. So if want an absorbing weightless towel that dries quickly and is light to carry plus as a bonus can double as a sarong, rug or even a blanket to wrap your beach baby up in at the end of the big day then SAMMIMIS Turkish towels are the perfect addition to the beach bag. 


Plus if you are like me and still behind with getting the Christmas shopping started then be sure to check out the current special offer, “buy 3 get the 4th free, just in time for Christmas”

Enjoy the Summer lovlies….    Love Kerry and Miss Piper xoxo





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