Want to be a Brand Ambassador? – well here is what works for us.

Miss Piper is a Brand Ambassador / Brand rep for a few different companies and lately I have been getting asked the question quite often “How do you become a Brand Rep?

Well I’m no expert by any means but I’m happy to share a few points that Miss Piper and I do that we feel makes us good choices.


Time – you need time available in your days to for fill your commitments to the company that you are repping for. Photos take time and a lot of patience, it can take a least an hour a day to dress and photograph just one shot. Many days it just doesn’t happen and the photos you take just don’t look any good so you need to be prepared to try again another day. The ages from sitting to standing can be very trying to get a photo of someone who’s crawling away all the time!

Enjoyment – If your bub does not enjoy being dressed and taking photos then this is not for you, for Piper and I it’s a big game we play each day. But we also have our days when she’s just not in the mood so we don’t do it.  If it’s something you really want to do but bub does not, then wait a month or so and see if bub changes and is more interested.

Be organised – when repping for a few companies you need some sort of system to keep track of what comes in and who it was from (unless you have a very good memory). I have a basket that as soon as we receive something it goes into the basket with the details of the item and stays there until I have the right accessories to style it. Then once photographed and posted online it then becomes part of her everyday wardrobe.

Money – Be prepared to spend your own money, you can’t expect to receive everything you need for each photo. We do spend a fair bit of additional money buying extra clothing and accessories that we use to style up shots.

Commitment – we take brand repping seriously and I see it as a commitment or job as such, if a company is giving you product for free in exchange for promotion, it is still costing them something and you are expected to provide a service to this company. You need to provide the best possible photos and do it as quick as you can, as the company will usually have sent you something that they would like promoted quickly.

Support – you need to support the companies you are repping for as much as you can and keep an eye on their page and if you see they are having a sale, repost it for them, don’t wait to be asked.

Be an active supportive member of the Instagram community that you are in, don’t just look at other peoples pages, get engaged follow other brand reps and shops. Like their photos and make comments, it’s amazing when you are actively involved how much you enjoy it and you make friends and enjoying following them.

Don’t obsess over your page and how perfect your photos are or how many followers you have, good brand reps don’t have to have the biggest following or the most beautiful child. Your page just needs to be interesting, try doing some different from everyone else and find what works for you.

Don’t sweat the small stuff if you are entering brand rep comps and not getting anywhere it’s not the end of the world, if you’re happy to keep trying do, but if it’s upsetting you stop. In the past I have seen some nasty comments regarding others who have won and this is not what’s it’s about, if this is your attitude you need to stop as this is obviously not for you or your child.

Fun – This is what’s it’s all about and this shows in your photos, on the best accounts the fun shows through so if you or your child stops enjoying it then you must stop.


Hope this helps if you have any further questions just feel free to post and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.


Love Kerry and Miss Piper xoxo