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Meet Bel from My Little I Designs Mum of Isla and #girlboss




Bel Meginley || My Little I Designs

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Bel Meginley || My Little I Designs

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Being a mum is a BUSY job! I remember when Isla was born I thought

to myself “oh I can’t wait until she’s a bit bigger and it won’t be so

constant”. Well she’s 3 now and the intensity hasn’t changed – just

the things that we do. I can’t imagine what happens when you add

extra kiddies to that (I’ll leave that to someone else, thank you!).

Add into that a small handmade business and it gets tricky. I am the

owner of handmade girls clothing label My Little I Designs and

everything is done by me – sewing, mail runs, social media, emails,

the whole lot.

I am lucky to be in the position that we haven’t had to send Isla to

daycare – she’ll start pre-prep next year – and while I’m so thankful

for the precious time I have in these formative years with her, it can

sometimes mean I struggle to keep everything up in the air at once.

Having said that, my daughter is always my first priority. So if she

needs me I will drop everything and focus on her needs.

I want to share my top 5 tips to help small home-based mummy

businesses balance their family and work time. That’s not to say I get

it right all the time – I, like everyone make mistakes, but this should

help as a rough guide.


o Have good business practises –because you’re a

new/small business doesn’t mean you have to behave

like one. Use a business planner, a notebook, whatever

system works for you to keep track of orders, payments,

expenses, tracking numbers etc.


o Set realistic timeframes for yourself – don’t say you’ll

have something finished in 2 days if you won’t. Have a

buffer for when things go awry too. I find the day you

NEED to get to the post office is often the day your child

gets sick and you can’t leave the house.


o Following on from the last one, understand that life will

invariably get in the way sometimes and learn to accept

it. Sometimes your kids just want to spend the day with

you, so DO IT. They are the reason you do are working

from home, and whilst its easy to put on a Disney movie

and try to work, I find I’m far less productive anyway.

Often we go to the park on the way home from the post

office, its become a special treat to go to the post office

now too.


o Use a scheduler for posts to social media. I like Hootsuite

( because I can post to Facebook &

Instagram from the one website. I grab a cup of coffee

and schedule posts for days in advance – then they’re all

done and out of the way to focus on what you do best!

Social media is such an important part of home-based

businesses and it is easy for it to become all-consuming.

Using a scheduler is much easier in my experience.


o Take time to look after yourself – I find I can’t sew during

the day now that Isla doesn’t have a day sleep anymore,

which means a lot of late nights. Just under a year ago I

was up till past midnight every night sewing and I caught

a cold. I thought it was nothing and just ignored it. Turns

out it was early stages of pneumonia and I ended up

cracking ribs from the coughing and meant sitting over a

sewing was excruciating. So my advice; don’t work

yourself into the ground! You owe it to yourself and your

family to look after yourself.

I hope you find these helpful to balance being a mum and running a

business too!

Bel xx

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The Photo’s above are the new S/S16 Collection called CandyLane from My Little I Designs

Photography by the lovely Sarah @my.heart.project 

Beautiful Models The stunning Miss Harlow @harlow_ever_after and the cutie Miss Avalon @avalon.renegade and Miss PiperSienna



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