How to get more time in each and every day using – Daily Orders Boards

With our own business, three children aged 18, 9 and 2 our life is crazy, actually the word ‘crazy’ doesn’t even seem to cover it! So anything thing I find that makes life even a little easier is a god sent! I was so excited to receive my Daily Orders board last week, its perfect! With a quick glance I can get an overview of who needs to be where and doing what each day. Now once a week I only need to consulate everyone’s calendars and add all the events to the board, and if anything changes the person it involves is responsible to make any changes and by keeping it in a area of the house that everyone sees each day we have no excuses to not remember what we need to be responsible for each day, plus  it looks great too which is always a plus..


Today we would like to introduce to Kelly Mum and operations Manager of Daily Orders who have been busy transforming lives all over Australia we are lucky to have her share her top tips on home to organise your home in less than 5 Min a day.

daily orders 1

Is your poor time management affecting your household? Your happiness? Your stress levels? I get it. I really do.

Being a parent is bloody hard work. Managing appointments, drop offs, sporting commitments, and music lessons

just to name a few things. That’s just you and the kids. Don’t even start on the household management.

What if I told you that you could get your house organised in just five minutes a day?

You wouldn’t believe me would you?

Well, it’s true.

Think of all those minutes you stand there staring into space thinking about what you need to do, all those minutes you mindlessly check your device to see what someone else is up to.

Do something for me one day. Add up all the time you spend on your devices. You won’t believe how much it is.

In a few months I’ll be releasing an e-book on how to organise your life in just five minutes a day, but I wanted to give you all a sneak peek into what you’ll get.

On the surface, it’s pretty simple stuff, but when you don’t have time to organise what’s already on your super busy plate, the last thing you want to think about is how to get organised, right?

But you know what? Therein lies the secret. The ONLY way you are going to get organised is to plan, prioritise

and set goals.

I’m not talking about having your shoes spit polished and your benches white glove ready, but about getting things in order, reducing clutter and being able to actually live your life without all that ‘stuff’ getting in the way.

You know the stuff…the snow globes from that overseas trip you took in your twenties **puts hand up**, the kids toys – oh the toys!

All that stuff that you put in that letter holder on the kitchen bench that you’re going to sort through on the weekend.

Yep, I hear you. I’ve been there. So, enough about why we’re here.

Let’s start sorting things out.

White Living Room With Modern Interior Design

So I mentioned that you need to plan, prioritise and set goals. The best way to get started with your plan is by creating a list of all the things that you need to accomplish in a week, and then narrowing your perspective to all the things you need to accomplish in a day.

Having this information in a snapshot view makes it possible to make alterations where necessary.

daily orders 2


Having served nearly fifteen years in the Navy, I’ve definitely been exposed to some serious planning. As you would expect, in the Navy we have a very rigid planning process in order to achieve everything that needs to happen on a ship.

Consider the conduct of daily events at sea; with three or sometimes four meals a day for around 200 sailors and Officers, refuelling the ship, conducting weapons firings and helicopter operations, ammunition and stores loading, maintenance, engineering trials and the list goes on. To ensure a smooth flow of operations, the immediate planning cycle is broken down into four documents, namely Daily Orders, the Shortcast, Midcast and Longcast.

Daily Orders as the name suggests, promulgates what is happening that day, the Shortcast is the detailed plan for the coming two weeks, the Midcast is the plan for two weeks to three months, and the Longcast is three months plus.

Without this detailed level of planning, there would be a serious amount of incompatible operations, leaving us unable to achieve the mission.

The same goes for a family home. There are always countless things to do, whether it is the grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, sporting commitments, travel, dinner dates (I wish, right?) and more. With high dependency on mobile technology, you may be tempted to simply download an application that will help you create a plan. While it cannot be disputed that mobile applications have a host of advantages, they do have one glaring disadvantage. They are entirely too private, particularly when you consider that a plan may need to be shared with family members or colleagues within the workplace.

Yes, I know you can synchronise your devices, but how impersonal is it? “Hey honey, did you check my calendar? I put it in there.” No thanks. In these situations, it is better to have a clear reference point, where you’re able to see all the plans, and establish how they fit into the grand scope of things.

My business, Daily Orders, gives you the ability to share your plans with the rest of the family in one central place. How do we do that? Our gloss surfaceblack acrylic weekly planning boards are mounted on your wall, and there youcan put everything you need to achieve in bright liquid chalk markers.

Whatare the benefits? Here are just a few.

Daily Orders planning boards:

Reduce wastage – no need to spend $30 on a calendar each year that you forget about in February.

Reduce clutter – no scrap pieces of paper lying around the kitchen and home to write your notes on. All of your notes and plans are on the wall, out of the way.

Reduce screen time – we spend enough of our day on our devices, it’s about time we put our handwriting skills to work and used them to communicate with our families in a meaningful and valuable way.

Increase productivity – set clearly visible goals that the whole family can get involved in. Using Daily Orders to plan your week will help you feel calm and in control, and most importantly it will give you back the one thing you desperately want – time. Time gained by being organised.

With Daily Orders it is possible to create a simple and clear list of all things that are to be done and by whom.

Setting goals will also help you easily accomplish your tasks in a given time frame when done correctly.

Remember the old saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Goals need to be realistic, manageable and achievable in a timely fashion. If they are large goals, like making the house sparkling from top to tail, break the goals into smaller chunks.

Not planning means that you are reactive and responding to the events of the day as they occur rather than being proactive and clearly defining what needs to be achieved.

Prioritising –  Once you have set your goals and defined your list of tasks that need to be achieved, you need to prioritise.

It is no good saying that you need to wash the cars this afternoon when in fact, you really need to do the grocery shopping. No food equals cranky family, and that is no good for anybody!

Prioritising is part of effective planning and it involves de-conflicting your goals to accomplish tasks in order of importance. When you learn to focus on the priorities, it becomes far easier to achieve your goals. Without prioritising, it means that small but very important tasks may be overshadowed by large, time consuming tasks. Put it this way, what do you absolutely positively have to achieve today?

The mistake many people make when they put all the things they want to do in a day on a list is to check off what they can do quickly, leaving the hard and time consuming tasks to deal with later on. What happens when something comes up and you are not able to continue doing what you had planned to achieve? Sometimes, life just gets in the way and at the end of the day, you realise that you have not done anything worthwhile. Not only have you not achieved what you needed to, but along with that can come the associatedemotions; perhaps guilt or frustration. These feelings aren’t good for anybody, so let’s try to combat that with planning, goal setting and prioritisation. Once you’ve done all of that, it’s time to start checking things off your list.

If this sounds like valuable information to you, and you want to be first on the list to discover when our e-book is released, jump on over to The best part is, you’ll get the e-book at a super discounted rate of just $1.95 for signing up. Getting organised for way less than the cost of a cup of coffee?

Yes, please.

After you’ve signed up, jump over to buy your weekly planning board today.

Piper Sienna readers will also get free shipping when you enter code PIPERSIENNA at checkout.

See you there soon I can’t wait to help you get more time in your life.



Thanks Kelly, make sure you check these out we just live our board and I’m getting so much more achieved by using it.

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Love Kerry and Piper xx

QPAC’S Out Of The Box Festival For Children Eight Years And Under


With much anticipation and excitement Piper and I are awaiting June as we are headed to the OUT OF THE BOX festival  for children 8 years and under at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) in Brisbane. This longstanding biennial event is a highlight on Brisbane’s cultural calendar for both schools and families alike.

This was the first time we will be attending the festival, which has been held since 1992.

We are ready and waiting to see and be involved in the CREATIVE CREATURES, KIDS’ THINK TANK, RAIN, SNOW AND A GAZILLION BUBBLES!

We will also be participating in the Wellness Workshops which are designed to connect the mind and body through the principles of movement, stillness and mindfulness, and educate about the origins of these art forms seen so strongly in many Asian cultures and spirituality. The workshops include children’s yoga, mum-and-baby yoga, tai chi, Kung-Fu, and meditation. These art forms have been around for centuries, and have proven long-term health benefits and we cant wait to get involved!

This event is Perfect for the little ones helping them explor and learn through numerous creatively designed activities and plays to enhance learning and discovery.

Taking place 21 – 28 June 2016 at QPAC and across the Cultural Precinct and South Bank, Brisbane, Out of the Box provides a rich arts-based program for both schools and the general public. This year’s Festival crosses over the end of theschool term and into the June school holidays.

Out of the Box has been curated by QPAC for 24 years and is the only arts festival in Australia dedicated to children 8 and under and one of only a few in the world. It’s also the nation’s largest early childhood arts festival and had more than 103,000 participants in the 2014 festival.

We hope to see you there!



WHEN:                                        Tuesday 21 June to Tuesday 28 June

WHERE:                                       Venue, QPAC and across the Cultural

TICKETS:                                    Refer to

BOOKINGS:                      or 136 246




MiniMeis – Down Under / Baby Back Carrier

 backpack 1

We were very excited this week to receive our MINIMEIS carrier, it is perfect for hikes, theme parks, museums or even at the airport. It even makes a short walk easier and simply perfect when you want to give your child that bird’s-eye view whilst knowing your child is safe & secure in the MiniMeis Baby Back Carrier.

The MiniMeis has revolutionized the way babies are carried, it not only provides your child with a view of the world as you see it, it also leaves your hands free to point and interact with your child. MiniMeisis is simple to put on and has clip buckles with self locking straps for maximum convenience and comfort.

backpack 2

The MiniMeis Baby / Child Shoulder Carrier is ideal for an active family making hiking, family day trips, holidays, walks to Pre-school or even walking the dog easy and fun.

When not in use, your MiniMeis Baby Back Carrier quickly folds in half so it’s easy to store away.

We are lucky to be able to introduce you to the lovely Cassandra, Mummy of 3 boys and distributor for MiniMeis Australia to tell us more of the story behind this great idea and how she got involved……

backpack 3

 Welcome Cassandra,

I stumbled across the crazy world of baby wearing while I was pregnant with No.2 boy. I was sucked right in! Within months I had an awesome ‘stash’ that included soft structured carriers, wraps, ring slings, wrap conversions…you name it, I had it! So when my darling boy entered the world I was busting to use them all! Reality check….he HATED being worn! I tried everything! Front carries, back carries, hip carries, outside, inside, sitting, standing, dancing, hopping on one leg even! I had maybe a handful of successful carries in the first year of his life. By this stage I was pregnant again and had pretty much given up, with the hope that No.3 (boy again) would be a lot more cooperative and so far, so good.

backpack 4

One day I was browsing the world of Instagram and stumbled across the MiniMeis carrier! Genius! What kid doesn’t like shoulder rides? We managed to get one down here after pulling a few strings with Scandinavian family. It’s been AMAZING! Dad happily wears it as well and my toddler has never been happier! We hadn’t had it very long and I just knew this was a product I wanted to get behind!
What we love about the MiniMeis:
Compact / light/ great for travelling
Dad friendly
Best view for your child
Free hands for child and wearer
Can be used from 6mths to 5years approx
Easy to use
Available in Australia now

The MiniMeis Baby Back Carrier Toddler Package includes the following.

MiniMeis shoulder harness.

Upper section seat for a child of 2 – 5 years of age (or a maximum child weight of 20kg). This upper section has no harness, so the child remains stable via the Velcro leg loops.

Extra padding which can be useful in the summer months, when you want to use your MiniMeis with less padded clothing such as T-Shirts.

Small & Light – Collapsible
Ergonomically made for perfect body balance
Norwegian design

backpack 8

Insta: @minimeisaustralia 
backpack 9

Product of the Month ‘Fred’ Dinner Winner – Children’s Dinner Tray

Making Meal Times Fun with ‘Fred’ Dinner Winner Plate, Fun plates for kids means no more fusses at mealtime!


The Dinner Winner Plate will add a little bit of spark and fun back to meal times. It’s simple and provides your child with healthy options that are in smaller portions which makes eating meals a lot more achievable. Once finished, there will be a wonderful treat for your little ones, making even the fussiest eaters want to get to the finish line.

Piper just loves this plate and has been using it every night since we got it, its been perfect in helping her to try new foods. She is very good at not peeking to see what her surprise is! Its such a great way to present food and a simple but effective way to encourage children to eat small, manageable portions of food and perfect for even the pickiest of eaters.


Plus perfect for younger children with the addition of a seal to stick it down to the table for the plate throwers out there.

Kids and parents alike love the fun element that this plate brings to the table and how easily it makes mealtimes fun and fuss-free!


Healthy Eating Options

Also note that you don’t have to use chocolate for the treat at the end of the finish line, other items you could use are: raisins, muffin, apple slices with peanut butter, yogurt, stickers it comes down to what will motivate and work for your family. It’s’ also important to remember that each square on the plate doesn’t need to be filled with a 8 different food options, again keep it simple and bring happiness back to your family meal times.

For stockists check out our Instagram Page @pipersienna and the DinnerWinner post for all the contact details.

Have a Product you want reviewed? Just drop us a line on [email protected] we would live to hear from you.

Additional Details:

  • Dinner Winner is molded from 100% virgin melamine, food-safe and dishwasher-safe.
  • Packaged in a full-color giftbox