Review: Suppori Baby Sling

There are many different brands of baby slings available on the market but which one is the best choice?

Miss Piper and I were lucky enough to test out the Suppori available from

and here’s what we thought!

sling 2

This is no ordinary sling. It is an award-winning product that many others have tried and strongly recommend. While it looks simple it is definitely effective. In fact, it’s simplicity is it’s plus point. Why get yourself a complicated product which gives you trouble and not convenience? The Suppori is super easy to use it just slips over your head and rests on your shoulder then you just slide bub in. I find it takes the extra weight for me and is very comfortable to wear, it’s perfect for those short trips like school drop off and pick up or a quick shopping trip when I don’t feel like lugging the pram in and out of the car. Piper thought it was great too! as it got her extra carrying time when she got sad in the trolley as I had it stored easily in my handbag and could pull it out and pop her in leaving my hands free to still be able to do things. It kept her close and content and wasn’t as tiring for me, so it did make our out and about time so much easier. 

It’s very simple to use the sling,

It involves only three steps: 

Wear the sling around your body, making sure it fits nicely on you first.

Place your baby in the sling carefully.

Cover your baby’s back and hips securely.

 Then you are all good to begin the days adventure.


What I liked was the fact that it is really very effective, safe and durable. It is sturdy and made of high quality materials and comes in a great selection of colours and priced at RRP $64.99 I feel its money well spent.

 Personally I highly recommend it as I was delighted with the effectiveness and convenience from SUPPORi. 

If you want to ask me any questions regarding the SUPPORi sling please feel free as I’m happy to help.


Love Kerry and Miss Piper xoxo

2 thoughts on “Review: Suppori Baby Sling

  1. I really like the fact that they have different sizes based on the size of the parent….that’s really innovative and that’s what makes this such a great product. I’m 5’2, whereas my husband is 6’3….big difference there. So we were able to order two different ones for when we don’t want to use the stroller (or rather, when they don’t want to BE in it!) And the expense is worth it, for your health and the safety of your child.

  2. Great Review! we love the Suppori too, its the perfect compact baby carrier. Keeps you in a good position posture-wise and looks fabulous! surely thats important too 🙂

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