Disney On Ice – Dare To Dream Magical Ice Festival

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Disney On Ice is a world class touring performance that needs no introduction, featuring internationally renowned ice skaters, it was a night of enchantment with many magical moments from across the Disney kingdom in the  Disney On Ice Magical Ice Festival where we the audience were  transported to a icy winter wonderland and whisked away into four Disney fairy tales to experience the adventure and magic.

Kids were happy to see their beautiful Disney princesses and sing along to all the familiar tunes, while the adults were mesmerised by beautiful scenes and stunning ice skating performance, its just a truly magical experience for the whole family.

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Nothing can stop kids from screaming and jumping up and down in glee when this gang of friends come onto the rink. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy kicked start the show with lots of cheering and excitement and they play the hosts for the show and appears a couple of times throughout the 2-hour performance.

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The one performance EVERYONE was waiting for Frozen, all the little girls around me sang at the top of the voice to all the tunes from Frozen, screamed and waved at Anna and Elsa when they appeared and clapped non-stop when it ended. Miss Piper knows all the words to Frozen and didn’t hesitate to belt them out in full theatrical form. (Not all the right words in the right places but hey close enough is good enough right!)  OMG, cutest thing EVER! I don’t know what I enjoyed more, seeing all the little Annas and Elsas in the audience singing along or seeing the performers, either way, this act was awesome.

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We absolutely LOVE all things Disney and this was no exception we would totally go back and see it again and again night after night if we could.


Love Kerry and Piper xoxo

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Tickets are on sale now for Disney On Ice – Visit disneyonice.com for more information.

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